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We know that stronger bodies lead to sharper minds and we know how important good character is. Through TaeKwonDo, as well as skills and lessons learned in our programs, students become stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.



" Absolutely love this place! So glad we found it.

My son is gaining confidence and learning life long skills. He is learning how to be a better person and productive member of society. I love the life skills that are being taught.

This place is like family and everyone is truly cared about."

- Valerie H. -


In 2009, Bryan Evans moved from a small Southeast Texas town, to Leander to start a TaeKwonDo school and fulfill his dream of passing his knowledge and skills on to the next generation of martial artists. What started as a school of 0 students has grown into a community of over 170 students.
In 2012, Bryan and Heather Evans got married and combined their skills, knowledge and expertise. Together they have worked hard to create an amazing community of martial artists.

In 2020, when Covid caused the global shutdown, we moved all of our classes online without missing a single day of classes.  We saw the need for martial arts increase.  We also got to see firsthand the impact we could have on a greater scale in the world through having classes online.  We get to impact and help be a leader to a larger community.  We made the decision to not reopen a martial arts center building, but to continue online.
Our students get the chance to learn completely from home.  The feedback has been great as students feel they can grow, learn, and progress in martial arts even better than before and without interrupting their day by constantly driving to and from locations.
The goal from the beginning has been clear. Quality martial arts. Teaching life skills through training. Seeing the best in our students and bringing that best out of the them. We hope you'll see and feel that when you're with us.


Coach Bryan Evans
Master Instructor/Program Developer

Coach Bryan Evans was born and raised in Southeast Texas. He began his Taekwondo journey in 1994. He has successfully run two Taekwondo centers in the Liberty and Baytown area under his Instructor, Sr. Master Austin McElroy, before moving to Leander to start his own studio. 


Bryan is a 6th degree black belt and Master in TaeKwonDo. He is known for being an awesome forms technician and fierce sparrer. He has earned over 60 medals and trophies from championship tournaments.

Coach Evans is married to Heather Evans and they have three fun and energetic children. His family is his number one priority.

Taekwondo is more than just a hobby to Coach Evans. He attributes his good health, his fitness, his patience, and his good attitude to Taekwondo and the lessons he has learned through 27 years of dedicated practice.

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Coach Heather Evans

Heather Evans is a 2008 graduate of the University of Texas in Austin and holds a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in teaching movement, healthy lifestyles and sports to children and teens. She is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo.

She manages many parts of the business, all while being a mom to three of her favorite people.


She is a certified Yoga instructor, wellness coach, and is known for helping others improve their life and find an inner peace.

Her favorite part of TaeKwonDo is watching the student's lives change through the lessons and skills they learn through training.


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