3rd degrees who are 13-15 years old are considered Jr. 3rd Degrees(Sam-poom).  Besides the title, there is no real distinction in rank.  When the black belt becomes 16 years old he/she will automatically become a 3rd degree.  An interview with Master Evans is required.

Before Testing

  • Minimum 18 years old

  • 36 months in rank

  • 10 Training Sessions (1-on-1) with Coach Evans (In-Person)

  • Interview with Coach Evans

  • Demonstrate All Lower Rank forms to Coach Evans

  • Important Character Traits according to Me

What am I going to do at TESTING? (Must Test In-Person)

  1. Juche Hyung (form) 2 times correct

  2. Sparring with Coach Evans

  3. Extra Sparring Rounds

  4. 2 self-designed combatives against cycle's attacks (see Digital Dojang)

  5. 3 self-designed combatives from attacks given at testing

Juche Hyung