Juniors TaeKwonDo

for ages 6-12

​TaeKwonDo keeps students mentally and physically alert.  It is great for those who would normally be "benchwarmers" in sports as well as the naturally gifted athletic child.

In TaeKwonDo, students learn at their own pace. TaeKwonDo isn't a comparison sport, but rather an individual sport, where students can thrive, grow, achieve and learn as individuals, all while being amongst their peers.

Above all, the lessons learned through TaeKwonDo apply to all areas of life. From perseverance, to self-control, respect and courtesy, as well as integrity, our students become well-rounded individuals in life.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to get your child started in a program that will help them now and in the future, contact us today!


of Our


- coordination
- balance
- discipline
- self-esteem
- respect
- improved attitude
- fitness
- perseverance and MORE