Little Warriors

TaeKwonDo for ages 3-5

​The Little Warriors Program is designed specifically for our youngest students.  It is intended to be a valuable stand-alone program as well as a program that seamlessly prepares our younger students for participation in our Juniors TaeKwonDo classes.

This is a popular program with limited enrollment, so please Contact Us for availability.

The main emphasis of instruction in the Little Warriors Program, is to provide the environment, instruction, and structure, to enhance young children's:

  • physical skills

  • attention span

  • coordination

  • self-esteem

  • self-control

  • emotional well-being

  • social skills

  • personal safety

  • stranger awareness

  • personal awareness

Is my child ready?​

This class will be a good fit for almost all 4 and 5 year olds. However, only some 3 year olds will be ready for this class. If you are questioning your child's readiness, we would love for them to come take a free class to see if the Little Warriors Program is a good fit for them.

If your child is not ready, you and the Instructor can discuss options for re-evaluating their readiness at a later date.

Pre-Requisite Skills for trying our Little Warriors Program:

Can stand still for 10 seconds

Answers to name

Able to follow simple commands

Attempts to catch a ball (does not have to actually catch the ball, but puts arms out in response to a ball    being thrown)

Can throw a ball (does not have to control direction)

Does not need an Instructors undivided attention consistently through class

If your child completes this check-list, he/she is most likely ready for our program.