Taekwondo Training Center has created an online martial arts program that is designed to train teens and adults in martial arts.  It uses martial arts as a medium to help develop and refine character and fitness as well as building confidence and skill.

Why was it designed?

As owners of a successful martial arts school for over 11 years, we've found that most teens and adults seek out martial arts programs to:

- Help with CONFIDENCE

-Create FITNESS habits

-Learn practice and accomplish goals


Our program does that!

It's not just a way towards a black belt, but also a way towards life skills and character development and health that will serve our students FAR beyond the walls of the dojang.

In today's busy world, we want to support teens and adults in training with a flexible schedule, while still getting the benefits of a traditional martial arts program.

This program includes:
- Two Class videos per week that can be done on your schedule

- Additional skill training videos

- Martial arts workouts (for those who want to push themselves physically)

- Access to our Facebook group to connect with us and fellow students
- Eligibility to test for a new belt (and learn more difficult skills) every 6-weeks.

- Program to reach black belt takes around 1.5 years if testing is done every 6 weeks.



- Belts awarded (and mailed) for each belt testing completed

- Belt certificates for each belt testing completed

- Improved self-confidence, self-discipline, respect and self-esteem.

- Real, applicable, self-defense skills

- TaeKwonDo Training by a 6th degree Master with 26 years experience

- "Character Development Training" Certification with Black Belt

- Letter of Recommendation from Master Bryan Evans (if wanted/needed) - with Black Belt


This training is great for TEENS who want to diversify their resumes and college applications. Graduating with a black belt as well as a "Character Development Certification" that is awarded to black belts who complete our program.

This is not a watered-down program. This is real, applicable martial arts that will give you (or your teen) self-defense skills with the added bonus of giving some major life skills.

We'd love for you to try one week free and see if you agree!

How can I get started?

Click the link below to be taken directly to our course site to try your free week!


If you would just like more information, just fill out the contact form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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